It's Not Just a Mistake-It's a Crime

Defend your rights with help from false arrest attorney in Greenville, SC

A false arrest can damage your reputation, interfere with your work and cause severe emotional hardship on you and your family. Whether you were detained by a police officer, a civilian or a family member, a criminal defense attorney from Wilkins & Bouton, LLC can help.

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Facts about false arrest in North Carolina

Facts about false arrest in North Carolina

You may feel unsure about whether you're a victim of false arrest. False arrest can involve...

  • Being arrested by a police officer without cause
  • Being locked in or held somewhere against your will
  • Being held in a jail cell, a room or a vehicle

When it comes to false arrest by a law enforcement officer, it can be difficult to know whether the officer acted in good faith or acted outside of his or her authority. An experienced false arrest attorney will help you figure that out.

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