Have You Been Arrested for Drug Possession?

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If you're arrested for drug possession, you could be facing some serious consequences. Work to reduce or dismiss your charges with help from Wilkins & Bouton, LLC in Greenville, SC. Our team has nearly 10 years of experience practicing law. We can give you the tools you need to succeed.

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We'll help you build your defense

We'll help you build your defense

Working with a drug possession attorney is the best way to build a strong, reliable case for your innocence. Wilkins & Bouton works with clients who are arrested for drug possession on a regular basis.

We'll help you build a strong defense to present in court. Common drug possession defenses include...

  • Being falsely accused of drug possession
  • Police violating your rights during your arrest
  • Being unaware of the drugs on your property

Are you facing charges? Speak with a drug possession attorney about your case today.