Defend Your Visitation Rights

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Visitation is one of the more complicated aspects of a child custody arrangement. In many cases, maintaining a strong relationship with both parents is vital to a child's emotional well-being. However, setting up a visitation schedule that everyone can stick to can be difficult.

Before tensions escalate into arguments, bring your concerns to Greenville, SC's premier child visitation attorney. The legal team at Wilkins & Bouton, LLC will explain the law in layman's terms and help you create and uphold a healthy visitation schedule.

What will your visitation agreement include?

What will your visitation agreement include?

A written, detailed visitation agreement is much easier to uphold in court than something vague or verbal. Details regarding child visitation should include...

  • When the noncustodial parent will spend time with their child
  • Where these meetings may occur
  • How long the visit should last
  • Whether the visits will be supervised or unsupervised

Are you a noncustodial parent seeing visitation rights? Are you a custodial parent who wishes to modify an existing custody arrangement? Talk to a child visitation attorney by calling our Greenville, SC law firm right away.